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Recipes :
  • How to make Atta Halwa
    Atta halwa recipe is one of the easiest sweet that can be made in a jiffy. I recently tried and will be posting soon as well. This north Indian atta halwa is on contrast to it, this takes very less time to prepare where that is time consuming. I loved the simplicity in this method and this can be quickly done, which I loved the most. So you can prepare this for your guests visiting.
  • Atta ka Sheera ( Gujarati Recipe) recipe
    One of the easiest guajarati sweets-with just a few ingredients, which too can be found in all kitchen shelves. If you have a very sweet tooth, you can add two more tablespoons of sugar. Also remember to serve this dish immediately to avoid lumps.
  • How to make Atta Ladoo
    Atta Ka Ladoo, is a rich, sweet dessert or snack. There are so many variations of Ladoos. They are made using different flours, milk and nuts. Atta Ka Ladoo is commonly made in every house hold with some variations. It is a simple recipe with few ingredients, but the texture and taste is amazing!
  • Instant Wheat Bonda Recipe
    Wheat bonda / Godhumai bonda is an easy to make deep fried evening snack that can be made in 5 mins. You can make this Instant Wheat bonda for unexpected guests to home or give to kids as after school snacks.
  • Wheat Flour (Atta) Puttu
    Everyone loved it a lot and this one tasted more good than the regular one.Combination with banana and sugar it was perfect.
  • Crispy Wheat Dosa Recipe
    This is a very easy and healthy dosa prepared with just 2 main ingredients- rice flour and wheat flour (no maida). If you learn to make this dosa, it will save you a lot of time..